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Peripheral Neuropathy

Numbness. Tingling. Weakness. Pain. These are all sensations caused by Peripheral Neuropathy, a result of damaged nerves outside of the spinal column and brain. Many factors can lead to Peripheral Neuropathy, and in most cases, there is no cure. Without treating the underlying causes, Peripheral Neuropathy can lead to organ damage and loss of extremities. William Alexander is experienced in cutting edge treatments that can help relieve the traits and symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, as well as assist in correcting some underlying conditions.

Motor Neuropathy – Damage to nerves that control muscles and movements, such as grasping objects and walking                                  

Sensory Neuropathy – Affects the sensory nerves, which relay sensations such as pain, temperature, and touch

Autonomic Nerve Neuropathy – Affects body processes that the brain controls involuntarily, such as heartbeat, temperature regulation, and breathing

Combination Neuropathy – A combination of more than one type of neuropathy, such as Sensory-Motor


Common symptoms include:

Muscle twitching
Muscle weakness
Loss of muscle and bone
Loss of balance
Changes in hair, skin, or nails
Loss of sensation of feeling in body parts
Loss of pain sensation
Digestive tract damage



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