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General Well-Being

On occasion, we get a call from someone who wants to come in for an appointment because they’re curious to learn what acupuncture is about, but they are generally in good health.  One of our areas of focus is in preventative care, or wellness maintenance.  Acupuncture supports General Well-being and overall health by maintaining positive circulation and sustaining healthy systems. 

The body’s immune system is constantly working to fight off illness, and the skeletal system and soft tissues to avoid injury.  Regular acupuncture sessions are a wonderful form of preventative care to sustain and even improve general wellness.  We all go through stress and strain on a daily basis.  Acupuncture aids in restful sleep, good digestion, reducing stress, improving circulation, maintaining reproductive health, and much more. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is also highly effective in stimulating the lymphatic system to improve liquid circulation.  This helps with the functions of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases, symptoms and conditions for which acupuncture has been proven through controlled clinical trials to be an effective treatment include: (This list also includes other common diseases, symptoms, and conditions for which acupuncture has been shown effective but further study is currently being done)

Acne vulgaris 

Diabetes mellitus, non-insulin-dependent

Epidemic haemorrhagic fever 


Herpes zoster



Male sexual dysfunction, non-organic 

Ménière disease 




Sialism, drug-induced 

Sjögren syndrome