If you're looking to cleanse your body of toxins that can affect your health and mind, be sure to include these foods in your diet. 

Artichokes - Great for liver function
Asparagus - Heart health, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging
Avocados - Great for fiber and antioxidants
Beets - Help flush toxins from the system
Broccoli - Helps the liver turn toxins into something your body can eliminate
Cabbage - Helps lower cholesterol
Dandelion Root - Beneficial for the liver
Garlic - Boosts immune system and liver function
Ginger - Liver function and astringent properties
Grapefruit - High in fiber and nutrient rich
Green tea - High antioxidant levels
Kale - Helps to flush kidneys, packed with nutrients
Lemongrass - Good for liver, kidneys, bladder, and digestive tract
Lemons - Flush toxins from body