We all know that nutritionally, the best produce is the freshest produce around. For those of you planting your own gardens this year (and gardening is some of the best exercise out there), here are some helpful tips. 

1) To keep pets and other animals out of your garden, insert 1/2 of a plastic fork, tines up, between rows of crops. 

2) To protect your back while moving bags of mulch and soils, place the bags on a tarp or sheet and drag them along the ground. 

3) To keep potted soil moist, cut off the elastic tabs of some diapers and lay them, absorbent side up, under the dirt. 

4) Protect young seedlings by placing the top half of a milk jug over them. Voila, mini greenhouse. 

5) Line flower pots with coffee filters to prevent the dirt from falling out. 

6) Going out of town? Place a glass of water next to your garden, Twist a good length of paper towel, and insert one end into the glass. Lay the rest of the paper towel on the soil to keep your plants hydrated. 

7) Pour part of a beer into a plastic cup that you bury in the dirt to keep slugs away. Drink the rest of the beer. 

8) Lemongrass, lemon thyme, and catnip are all natural mosquito repellents. 

9) Celery, basil, bok choi, onions, cabbage, sweet potato, romaine lettuce, ginger, garlic, and lemongrass can all grow from scraps planted in the garden. 

10) Call us on Monday morning at 615-939-2787 for any sore muscles that weren’t used in the winter.