Whether you keep these teas in your kitchen cupboard or medicine cabinet, they are valuable assets in your health tool kit. 

  • Stomach Upset/ Poor Digestion – Ginger tea

  • Colds with Clear Mucus – Cinnamon tea

  • Colds with Yellow/Green Mucus – Mint tea

  • Sore Throat – Dandelion tea with honey

  • Poor Sleep – Valerian root

  • Stress – Chamomile

  • High Cholesterol – Hawthorn berry

  • Women’s Health – Pomegranate

It is worth it to invest in quality tea. Loose, organic teas are best for quality.  They might not be as inexpensive or convenient, but your health is worth the investment. To read our post about recent studies showing pesticides in bagged tea, including organic labels, click here.  

Bonus tip: Drinking warm tea after a meal aids in digestion.