New Moms, Let Us Take Care of You

When William and I welcomed our twins, we were amazed at the intense emotional connection that we felt with them. As much as we prepared, the experience was full of surprises – not all of them pleasant. One of the things that you can never fully prepare for is the physical demands that pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a newborn takes on a body.

As hard as it is to have that little infant out of your sight (or even out of your arms) for a fraction of a second, it’s important that new moms remember to take care of themselves, too. Taking the time to rest, recover, and heal allows you to take even better care of the little one.

At Affinity Acupuncture, we offer prenatal and postnatal massage, which helps improve circulation, reduce pain and physical discomfort, and remove toxins from the system. Gazing down at the little one in your arms hour after hour causes a lot of strain on the neck!

Our acupuncture services are also very helpful for new moms. They can help regulate hormone levels (newborns aren’t the only ones experiencing random sob sessions), reduce stress & anxiety, and help support milk supply.

New moms, the most important thing that you have to do is take care of that little baby. Allow yourselves to take a break, though, and let us take care of you for a while. When you take care of yourself, you are in a much better position to take care of another. Call today, 615-939-2787 to set up your next appointment.