Nutritional Counseling | Diet Therapy | Herbal Medicine | Affinity Acupuncture | TN

Nutrition has been used as medicine for thousands of years across the world. At Affinity Acupuncture, we know that proper nutrition is a powerful tool in every wellness plan.  That is why we strive to educate our clients with each visit on the many ways they might improve their own health.  Our objective is to help you reach your nutrition goals with a realistic approach that fits your specific lifestyle and eating preferences.  In addition to our complimentary education on nutrition, Affinity Acupuncture offers a more in-depth nutritional counseling service called Affinity for Nutrition. 

During our first Affinity for Nutrition meeting, we will discuss your health and nutrition goals and begin to develop a customized plan to reach them.  We'll discuss your health history, food preferences, current eating habits and exercise routine, as well as your daily schedule and lifestyle. 

With follow-up visits we will assess your progress towards your goals and reformulate your plan to meet new objectives, continuing nutrition education and support.  The number of follow-up sessions depends on individual needs and goals.