Peripheral Neuropathy

Many people with neuropathy turn to acupuncture to relieve their chronic pain and help restore nerve function.

People suffering from neuropathy often experience a loss of sensation in their feet and hands. Routine activities such as walking, driving, and maintaining balance can become challenging, …and sometimes impossible.

Neuropathy is a degenerative disorder. Just because it can never completely be cured does not mean you have to live with it.

Many of our patients see significant sensory improvement (30-88%) within three months of treatment.

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Neuropathy Treatment

We’ve helped 100’s of patients suffering from pain, tingling and loss of sensation due to neuropathy regain nerve function within 2-3 months. Patients able to drive again, walk again and leave the cane behind.


Muscle twitching
Muscle weakness
Loss of muscle and bone
Loss of balance
Changes in hair, skin, or nails
Loss of sensation of feeling in body parts
Loss of pain sensation
Digestive tract damage


Neuropathy requires an aggressive treatment plan. Patients will often come for treatments  2-4 times a week for 2-3 months.

Acupuncture treatments help stimulate the nerves and circulation, promoting nerve regrowth.

On average, nerves regenerate about one inch per month which is why it takes a few months to see the full benefits of acupuncture.


Neuropathy is a chronic condition that requires ongoing support to manage symptoms after the initial treatment plan.

Depending on a patient’s severity of neuropathy most maintenance visits range from one visit every 1-3 weeks, with most patients coming every two weeks.

Neuropathy Results

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I Got My Life Back

The only reason I gave Affinity Acupuncture 5 stars is because that is the max that Google allows. My sessions at Affinity have truly changed my life. I developed neuropathy, a condition that causes your feet to feel pain, numbness, and tingling. William at Affinity diagnosed the problem and began treatment. I soon got my life back. I was able to walk and exercise again. I am about to turn 75, but now, thanks to Affinity, I feel years younger! 

– Gary Q

Pain Free

“Been dealing with a bad back (all lumbar disks compressed) for nearly a month and after one visit my back is nearly pain-free… a huge improvement from before the treatment. William was quick, professional, and kind. I’m looking forward to getting my neck and other problem areas resolved as well!”

– Mitch D

Truly Amazing Medicine

“I have been a client at Affinity for almost two years and offer my highest recommendation. William is the best and has helped me with everything I have thrown at him. He listens to his clients and provides the best and most effective treatment options available to address their needs. Each time he introduces me to a new experience, I learn to respect him more. Acupuncture can be scary to a novice, but it is truly amazing medicine and has changed my life.”

– Dena F

A New, Pain-Free Man

The team at Affinity Acupuncture have always been very friendly and professional. The outcome of the treatments always amaze me. I suffered from neck and back pain every day for many years. It is now a very rare day that I am in pain. I tried many treatments and therapies that didn’t work. When I completed my treatment with Affinity, I was a new, pain-free man. I highly recommend.

– Bobby T

What to expect at

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We discuss your condition and symptoms and evaluate your presentation.  Then present you with a treatment course. 

Treatment Course

The number of procedures you will need will vary based on your specific condition, the amount of time you’ve had it and other factors.

Quick & Painless

Acupuncture is quick and painless; you’re in and out of the office within 20-60 minutes.


Most patients experience reduced symptoms, even in conditions that have been present for years.

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