Orthopedic Acupuncture

Causes of Musculoskeletal Pain


An accident or injury, sometimes caused by overuse of an area of the body, can lead to musculoskeletal pain. Common forms of musculoskeletal pain caused by trauma include a sprain, broken bone, frozen shoulder, torn ligaments, and tendon damage.

Wear & Tear

Common wear and tear, or certain repetitive movements, can lead to musculoskeletal disorders such as tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Postural Strain

Posture problems can overwhelm your body, causing stress to muscles, tendons, and joints. This can lead to a host of musculoskeletal pains, including lower back pain, neck pain, and knee pain.

Live Pain Free


Musculoskeletal pain can get in the way of how you want to live. Orthopedic acupuncture is a safe, natural approach that is highly effective in treating pain in the joints, spinal column, low back/hip/groin, lower extremities, and neck/shoulder/upper extremities. It can also bring relief to associated symptoms of fatigue and sleep disturbances.

If you are experiencing pain in your knees, hips, shoulders, or ankles, contact us now to make an appointment. We’re here to help support your physical well-being. With the healing power of acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs, you can find relief from other painful orthopedic conditions like plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis.